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Shiffman Residence
Swall Meadows, CA
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General Contractor: Jay Jensen

This 1,250 sq. ft. residence was an exercise in economy. Mr. Shiffman brought us a plan that he liked. While the basic layout was fine, we were able to refine the design without adding to the cost.


The main refinements were to change the roof design so that it had a bit more interest and could be predominantly constructed with trusses. We also totally rethought the window layout, pushing windows towards corners.


This corner window layout makes for spaces that feel like they have more windows, makes a space feel much lighter, and takes full advantage of the panoramic Swall Meadows views. And all this happens while the basic structure is left simple and affordable.


The project was affordable enough that our client was able to decide during the latter stages of construction that a free standing garage, previously planned as an addition, 2-5 years out, could be constructed immediately.

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